Friday, November 14, 2008

Continuing the Finishing Binge

I start a lot of new projects, but I also finish a lot of projects. (It's as if I knit or quilt during every free minute. It's as if I'm obsessed.) But yesterday I had one of my best recent triumphs: I finished The Wrap.

This wrap was for a class. We started it last January. Every month, we worked on two or three blocks. Suddenly, without much notice or fanfare, it was done.

I had Kim take pictures, and other than having to suffer through her telling me to "work it, baby, work it" the photos are great.

I love this wrap:

Does this count as "working it"?

Here I am, like a vulture sunning itself:

Requisite shawl Dracula pose:

Pattern: Wrap me Up, by Knitting at Knoon designs.
Yarn: Ella Rae Palermo (which is no longer being made--big sigh) for the main yarn, and Tahki Torino for the contrast. Many people in the class used Kureyon or Silk Garden. They were fabulous too.

We had about 20 people in this class, and I hope to get some shots of more of these wraps next month, when our class meets at Meyer's Dairy to eat ice cream, knit, and show off our stuff.

And I'm starting a new session next year, starting in January, times to be determined. Look for information in our next newsletter, coming out at the end of December.