Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thinking about Sewing

I've been thinking about sewing lately. I've been working a bit on my brother's quilt, which remains in little snips and pieces:

It will build and grow. I have faith. Target date: Christmas 2009.

I've been working on the next block for block of the month. I know what I want to do; I just have to write up the instructions.

So I've been putting that off.

I'm thinking about this:

I'm loving this Amy Butler apron with our funky 50s fabric. I have the fabric, and the book. All I have to do is cut it out and sew it, and it will be done!

And I'm also working on a quilt for myself. I'm making pretty good progress: half the fabrics are washed, and I have a rough design in my head. So all I need to do is finish washing the fabrics, finish the design, cut it out, sew it together, have it quilted--and I'm good to go!

Can you get things sewn simply by wishing them sewn?