Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Continuing On with the Schedule,
Sort of but not Really

The Schedule has had two detours in the past 2 weeks. But I think they were worthwhile. And just as any other person would create rationales over detours, I will say that I don't believe in sticking to a schedule just for the sake of sticking to a schedule.

The two detours were two sweaters that were bugging me. They were both summer sweaters, but their sleeves were too long to look good on me. If I'm wearing short sleeves, I look best in cropped sleeves. Summer is almost over, and I want to wear them, so they needed to be taken care of.

To shorten them, I did not reknit the sleeves. That takes too long, and I'm a busy person. I cut my knitting, picked up the stitches, and knit down, casting off right away.

Here is my blue sweater before:

And after:

Much happier.

(Don't you love before/after shots? It's just like Glamour Magazine! )

Here's my hoodie before:

And after:

Sadly, that is the end of our before/after shots.

Back on schedule, I finished my mitered vest. It was a pattern from Ewe and I Originals. The only thing I did was modify the shoulders to narrow them, since I have narrow shoulders. I have no plans to redo--at least yet!

Since it is mid-August, this vest looks too dark to me, and I was rather hot wearing those long sleeves (why would anyone want to wear black in 85-degree weather?)--but it will be perfect come October. Summer is the best time to work on winter knitting.


Wait! Don't go away yet!

I also finished a quilt. (I don't have a quilting schedule, just projects. One area of my life with pressure is enough, thank you.) This is the latest Big Quilt--it's called the BQ3.

It's made our Amy Butler fabrics and Kona solids. The free-motion quilting took a while and had a few glitches here and there, but I enjoyed it--and now I'm feeling a little back in the groove of sewing, and ready to start some new projects.

I'll have to dig through my pile and see what pops up to be next!