Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Knitting Again

I've gone from lots of sewing to lots of knitting over the past month. (First I was behind in my sewing projects, then I was behind on my knitting projects. It's just a matter of leveling out the panicking.)

I have a couple of new designs I've made that I'm excited about. The first I call the Juliette Scarf. I named this scarf after my piano teacher's 10-year-old daughter just because I loved her beautiful name. And about 2 days after I named my scarf, with no knowledge of such, the real Juliette decided that she wanted to learn how to knit.


Anyway, here's the scarf:

It's easy to wear. I, personally, love the feel of Noro Iro against my skin. I should make a pillow out of it someday.

Then, because I never get enough Noro yarn, I decided to design a hat out of Kureyon. It's one I've had tossing around in my mind for a good 6 months as a way to teach a mitered-squares class. Abbey, one of our knitting teachers, is my model:

Both these patterns are available on Ravelry and will soon be printed and at Stitch Your Art Out.

And then I finished a red sweater. I did this as one of the projects for my year-long Zimmermania class; we'll all be making it either in the adult or baby form--take your choice. The adult version is the February Lady sweater by Flint Knits. I made mine in Tahki Torino. I didn't make sleeves on it--just a k1p1 cuff where the sleeve was supposed to start--and I cropped it on account of how short I am. I'm thrilled. I've been enjoying vest-like things lately; they don't have sleeves to get in my way. And of course red is a great color for this time of the year. It warms you up--and if you stand near some snow and trees, you can pretend to be a cardinal.

Here's a serious-model-like picture of the sweater:

I have no memory of what he said here, but my photographer doesn't ever let me stay too serious for too long: