Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Olympics, Here I Come After All

Four years ago, the Yarn Harlot came up with the idea that knitters could form their own Knitting Olympics. What could be more perfect? You would get to watch great athletes every night on TV while you knit on your own challenging project. Her Knitting Olympics were to happen only every 4 years (winter games only), which would make the challenge more special. This is the year. Besides the Harlot's Olympics, Ravelry has unleased its own Ravelympics.

I did the Knitting Olympics 4 years ago, and it was a good thing for me. The lesson I learned: If I work on only one thing for 17 days, it makes incredible progress.

So I've been mulling over whether to participate this year. A few days ago, the ADD Knitter asked me what I was going to do. I told her that I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm. I have a number of things going, and I just didn't want to work on any one of them.

But at the same time, not so deep down, I kind of wanted to do it. It kept nagging at me.

Tonight, when I was teaching, we talked in class about the Knitting Olympics. During the course of that conversation, I wanted to join the Olympics more and more. Hey--I'm a knitter; I'm as much a sheep as anyone.

To make the whole thing work for me, I came up with an idea: I'm going to take all the projects that I have goals or subgoals for, and after stating specific goals (or subgoals), work on the projects. I won't feel obligated necessarily to finish everything, but I will feel obligated to work on my subgoals as stated. I can get behind that.

Here's what I've got going:

Project 1: Bulky Scarf

It is cold out right now. I don't have a scarf that I, myself, made. (Cobbler's children and all that.) I decided to make myself a scarf a few days ago. It's just garter stitch. That's all I wanted. I would like this scarf before it's not cold out. I'm about 1/3 of the way done. I think I could finish the scarf in 2 days. Beginning time: 17 days. Time remaining: 15 days.

Project 2: Pink Sweater

I knitted on this sweater all the way through Disney last year. Or was it 2 years ago? I don't remember. Anyway, it's a pink sweater. I like pink. The sleeves and back are done. The side fronts are done up to here:

I want to finish the two side fronts and then finish the sweater. It's on small needles. Estimated time: 3 days per side, 1 day for finishing. Time remaining: 8 days.

Project 3: Wimple
I started this project for a class I'm teaching. We had our first meeting tonight to start the lace part at the base. (A wimple is a knitted tube that serves as both a hat and scarf: you put around your neck and can pull up over your head.) I want to have the lace done and the Fair Isle part that comes next either done or at least started in time for the next class. Estimated knitting time: 4 days. Time remaining: 4 days.

Project 4: Kevin's Sweater

I bought the yarn for this project about 10 year ago. Kevin picked it out, so I know he likes the color. I kept trying over and over to design the sweater with fancy cables, but nothing was working.

I finally wised up and decided about a year (or two?) ago to make Kevin a very, very plain sweater. (He is a guy. That's all he wants anyway. What is the matter with women that we never figure this out?)

I want to finish Kevin's sweater in the year 2010. For my Olympics project, however, I want to knit up the body one more inch...

and the sleeves 1 1/2 more inches each.... I can join them and begin to work my way up toward the shoulders. It would be nice, but not necessary in my mind, to get the sweater done during the Olympics. It's on size 4 needles, so it does take a while to knit. Time estimate: 2 days to get body and sleeves done. Time remaining: 2 days.

Project 5: New Spring Sweater
I know it's snowing out and stuff, but in my mind, spring has arrived. So I am in the mood for a new spring sweater. I need to work on it to have any hope of wearing it this spring instead of next spring. I will therefore spend 2 days knitting on this sweater. OR, if I am motivated, I will instead spend those 2 days finishing Kevin's sweater . As I write this, I have a nagging, feeling that in the spirit of this Olympic thing, I should work on Kevin's sweater and try to finish it, but this feeling may not last. I reserve the right to remain flexible.

We'll see what happens.

Let the Games begin.