Monday, July 25, 2005

We interrupt the report of the yarn market to announce the latest rearrangement of our shop. The story of this rearrangement does have its origins from yarn market.

You will recall that we made a list of the yarns we needed before we went to market. To foreshadow today's adventures, we bought many of them. We have a small shop. The shop was already full before market.

Day 2 of yarn market has passed, and we have now bought much yarn. (We'll get to that later.) It is 4:30 a.m. Cynthia turns over in her sleep.

Kim: "Are you awake?"

Cynthia: "No."

Kim: "I can't get to sleep."

Cynthia (still not awake): "Why?"

Kim: "I don't know where we're going to put all the yarn."

Cynthia: "Don't worry your pretty blonde head about it."

Kim: "Okay." She falls asleep. Cynthia falls back asleep.

Kim continued to worry her pretty blonde head for the next month, Cynthia to sleep. At the end of June, Kim finally came up with a solution: Move everything out of the back closet, take off the door, and make it a yarn room. Kim is our conceptual thinker.

We did that today, which is Sunday. It was not easy. You see, the back closet had been full when we started. We worked from about 12:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. We had men come in during the afternoon to take off the door, take out fixtures, and put up new lights. (Thank you, Dad and Kevin.)

It must be fun to have a job where you can knit and quilt all day.

We did not think to take the camera to the store today to record our adventures. Trust us that it was a mess for hours. It is still a mess, but by 10:30 tonight it was a workable mess, so we quit. We did listen to the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack the entire night, at least four times. As we hauled out trash, arranged quilt batting, and put together wire blocks to hold yarn, the music made us feel as if we were doing something grand--something perhaps even... epic.

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Mare said...

We could lure the Kevins, fathers and other husbands of the guild members that can construct to the store; and enclose the back porch. Men do lots of stuff for food!