Saturday, August 20, 2005

Show and Tell is the best part of our job. We see wonderful finished projects almost every day. (Other bloggers actually have to make their finished objects. We get to let someone else do the work, and then we take the photos and still enjoy a certain sense of accomplishment.) Here are some show and tells from the past few days. First, a couple of quilts:

They both won prizes in the Huntingdon County Fair. Aren't they gorgeous?

Below are some kids' quilts that a customer made. Along with their cuteness, these show you why blue and yellow is always a great color combination, either in pastels or in brights:

Those two quilts will be on display at the Grange Fair. Go look for them!

Here are three scarves from this Saturday's wet-felting class:

They were done with a technique called "nuno felting." You take fabric gauze, and you lay merino fleece over it in layers. Add embellishments, mix it all with water, wrap it in bubble wrap, roll it on a table, and by the end of the day, you have a scarf.

Below is Jane, with her "weekend sweater." You knit it on size 36 needles, and it's done in a weekend! She seems happy that it went so quickly:

She used Mountain Colors mohair, held together with Berroco Zen ribbon.

Here is the finished top from a recent bargello class:

We picked out a triple border for it today of dark purple (inside), then gold (middle), then burgundy (outside).

And finally, we'll add a show and tell from Cynthia, a crocheted basket she just finished felting:

You can bet that when the class schedule comes out in a few weeks, you'll see this one on the list!

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