Friday, September 16, 2005

New Arrivals

It's always exciting when new fabric and yarn arrives. We are happy with the shipments that arrived recently! We got new fabrics from Kona Bay and Moda:

We also received some exciting hand-dyed yarns from Steadfast Fibers. The colors could be described as--if this makes any sense--"intense pastels," with delightful names such as "carrot cake":

Although we're not showing all the colors here, each mohair has a coordinating worsted wool to go with it. We're excited to see what people decide to do with them!

And we received our Alpaca from Catalina Fibers. It is just as soft and glorious as we remembered from yarn market, and the colors are even better than on your computer screen:

We're sorry that you're not able to feel it from the vantage point of your computer. Perhaps this is something that Bill Gates could work on next.

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