Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Friday at Stitches
Tigger was just a little quieter Friday morning. She got up only after the alarm rang, and we were feeling tired as we ate breakfast. We perked up a little when we got to the Stitches market. It's hard not to get excited walking through the wash of color and texture.

We had a booth in the back, so we spent the first hour waiting for people to get back to us from their beginning in the front. We admit that it's a little unnerving to be in the back and watch all the people up front at other booths. But we knew that they would eventually make their way to us. As we waited, Kim knitted on our Steadfast wool, playing with ideas for a scarf, and Cynthia knitted on her Wool in the Woods poncho (type: Pizazz wool.... color: Uptown), working on the goal of finishing it by the end of the weekend. Goal met, by the way. Here is the finished poncho:

The day got a lot busier as the morning went on, and we sold a lot of our Laurel Burch bags and socks, MagKnit necklace clasps, and Oceania yarn. We had taken out a section of our gridwall, and that helped open up our space a little, but the booth still felt a little too crowded and small. Only one of us could work in it at any time. The other would stand in the aisle and greet people. We decided that it was best just to leave it as is, and get a bigger booth next year. So that problem was solved.

After the market closed at 6:00, we headed to the fashion show. This is always fun! At the show, most of the vendors prepare some sort of garment to show off on beautiful models. Everything looks good in the fashion show, and we know this. Still, as garment after garment paraded by, we became progressively more nervous. Our Kimono was number 68 on the program. When the model came out wearing it, we were relieved to see that not only did it look good, but people in the room actually applauded (particularly the nice people who were sitting with us at our table). We felt a little like rock stars.

After the fashion show, it felt late. We went back to the hotel and sank into bed, exhausted.

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