Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Our local quilt guild, Centre Pieces, put on a beautiful show last week. We thought you would enjoy seeing a few pictures from it. This event happens only every 5 years! There were about 150 quilts, and we've only included a few here. These were the quilts that (1) were not blurry in the pictures and (2) whose owners we happened to see so we could ask permission to post them. Enjoy!

Let's begin with a gorgeous wallhanging that Irmgard made from Asian fabrics:

Kim's "Fire Lily":

Here is a beautifully detailed quilt that Pat made. People were raving about it throughout the show:

From Marcha--Scotties and thistles!

This quilt took Lena 6 years to make. It is all paper pieced:

Here's a beautiful batik quilt made by Sue, the guild's current president:

Here is a series of quilts done for our shop's mystery early this year. It's interesting to see how different fabrics create a different quilt. This first one is from Noreen (who is not shy):

This one from Lois:

This one from Cynthia:

And this from Peggy:

Finally, here is some black and orange since we're coming up on Halloween--Deb's fire bargello (unfortunately, the camera wasn't able to see the red metallic dragons that she quilted into the border):

If you ever see a quilt show advertised in your area, go see it--even if you're not a quilter. You'll love discovering the art of the quilt.

And maybe when you're there, you'll be inspired and see a special fabric that you just have to have, even though you have no idea what you'll do with it.... and, well, you do have that old sewing machine down in the basement... maybe trying quilting wouldn't be so bad... just something small.... a pillow perhaps....

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