Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What do you get as a gift for your favorite knitter or quilter?

Socks are always good. They're inexpensive, people love them, and you can always use another pair. They are good for knitters, quilters--or anyone.

For quilters, try a spool of silk thread as a stocking stuffer. The colors are soft and exquisite. We're occasionally caught just staring at it as we walk by. It sneaks into applique invisibly. Gray is a safe color if you're trying to decide what to pick. Or if you're going wild with the gift--one of each!

Fused glass buttons by Bonnie Maresh, a Cape Cod glass artist. We have had more than one knitter design a sweater around the buttons. They would also make great embellishments for an art quilt.

We can always use notions, and they make great stocking stuffers. How about some quilting needles?

Or knitting needles?

Allow us to rave about these quilter's rulers by Creative Grids. We love them. They have thin lines on them to allow more precise measuring. They have flat, sandpaper-like grips that keep them on the fabric, but that are still clear so you can see through them. Get a few different sizes for your quilter. Quilters can always use another ruler.

In the last entry, we showed a Bagsmith bag. This is a smaller version, a tool tote. Knitters can use this one for smaller projects, such as socks.

Stay tuned for more ideas!

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