Friday, February 10, 2006

Here are our knitting/crocheting/quilting athletes so far. Feel free to send your name to [name of our store] AT, and we'll keep adding to this list! We're nice: You can join late. Just for joining, we'll put you in for a drawing of $50 worth of knitting goodies. We'll also have a party at 5:15 the evening of February 27 with even more prizes and fun! So join in!

Our Athletes so far:

Susan: Adult-sized wool socks
Cindy: Booga Bag
Cynthia: Top-down sweater
Nancy: finish the Oceania Shawl
Deb: Boucle/silk sweater
Karen: little top
Ginger: Twin-sized afghan for charity
Kirsten: Summer Sweater
Patsy: Cobweb wrapper in peach
Cynthia: Blizzard Sweater
Nan: Socks
Sandy: Cousin's sweater
Sally: Baby sweater, hat, booties
Lisa: Vintage Bubble Bag
Laura: Two sets of mittens, finish coat
Kim: Crocheted afghan
Emily: Finish a scarf and finish a bag. (Emily will be crossing the finish line!)
Amy: Bind a quilt
Michelle: Ribbed bulky-weight scarf
Laura: Still deciding, but probably crochet something BIG
Jean: Fiber Trends felted flamingo (Ed note: This pattern is REALLY CUTE.)
Bonnie: Lace capelet
Robin: Cable knee socks
Alaska: Twin cotton sweaters, size 6/8
Kim: Crocheted accent pillow
Lynn: Felted purse
Anne: Finish a baby sweater
Bonnie: Shell
Mary: Poncho made from Wool in the Woods "Pizazz"
Pat: Short-rows wavy scarf from a Knitter's Dozen
Patty: 1/4 of a Noro Knitted blanket
Ellen: Shawl
Julia: Baby pants from
Steph: Cabled hat
Alli: Striped, felted bag in Stitch and Bitch Nation
Ann: Mittens
Heather: Klaralund sweater

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