Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Things of Note

America is a forward-looking country, and so when people come in the shop, they often ask us what's new. Well, we're pretty forward looking too, so usually we have something! Here are a few of the most recent arrivals of yarn and fabric.

We think this yarn would make a fabulous sweater. It does a very, very subtle self-striping. We made a hat from two different colors (the lighter on top, darker on bottom--in a perfect blend). We think it would be fun to combine them even more more:

This is a wearable yarn! (It's also extremely soft, since it's merino.)

And here are the latest fabrics from the Emperor II collection from Kona Bay. The limited-edition prints this year are consistently stunning!

With coordinating ginkgo prints:

Come in and see everything in person. It's all prettier than pictures!

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