Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We interrupt our normal blog service for a food break.

Kim writes:

You know how sometimes you try a new recipe and it just works? And you get very excited and want to make it for everyone? I had that experience last night with a Chicken Chili recipe using tomatillos and white beans.

And as I was cleaning up and wondering who I could feed this fabulous meal to, I realized it's you, our wonderful customers. Our Friends Workshop is coming up on Saturday, September 29th and one of the things we promise is that we will serve lunch. In the past, it has been sandwiches and salads, but since it is fall, a wonderful chili is comforting and warming.

So I'm planning the menu now, and in addition to my new Chicken Chili I will make my famous Swiss Cashew Salad. Add some yummy rolls and I think this is the perfect fall meal. (I'll also persuade Cynthia to make cookies or cake. She has an incredible sweet tooth and is good at dessert.) We'll have plenty of snacks as well, to keep you going throughout the day. Sign up now and see if you agree how good all the food is!

And if the food isn't tempting enough, we have two great projects from which to choose: BQ2...
or 4-patch Stacked Posies, which is a variation on a 4-patch stack and whack:

Sign up with a friend and enjoy a great day of stitching as well as a fabulous lunch, courtesy of Chez Kim!

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