Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We Love Winter

It's here at last. We are both indoor people, who would rather be inside sewing and knitting and crocheting than anything else. We don't even understand the concept of Cabin Fever. (Yup, we're in the right business.)

The glorious inside weather is here. And so in the evenings, we have been inside doing our favorite things--sewing, knitting, and crocheting.

In the most exciting news, Kim is finishing up her Block of the Month Quilt. Deb Kerr was able to get it quilted over the weekend, and Kim is sewing the binding in the evenings. The quilt is beautiful! Sorry. You'll have to wait to see it. We're keeping it hidden until the final unveiling at the block-of-the-month classes.

Kim has also been working on a few crochet projects to give her hands a break from the binding. She's been making a beautiful hexagon scarf out of Silk Garden. She is trying to figure out what to do about Christmas presents, but we have complete faith that she will soon figure out some nice gifts to make!

Meanwhile, Cynthia, a sweater fantatic, has been working on about 8 sweaters, all at once. She is also starting more Christmas presents. She suddenly decided that every man on her list should have a handmade hat. One hat is almost done. About 7 to go. We'll see if it happens. Can she let go of the sweater knitting to get the hats done? Only time will tell.

During the day at work, we're both working madly on the newsletter, which is due at the printer next week. Our objective is to mail it out the Friday before Christmas, so that you are sure to get it right after Christmas. As you read this, we are putting the schedule into our computer to make sure that we have not double-booked anyone (Kim), and we are home writing the class descriptions (Cynthia).

And with that said, we'd better go back to it.

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