Monday, June 02, 2008

June 2: Our Birthday

Today is June 2. Exactly 5 years ago today, we opened our doors. It is a date that will remain with us, like any other birthday or anniversary in our lives. If you knew us that summer, you might remember a store that looked like the above picture.

We'll actually be celebrating our anniversary next week, from June 10 to 16, because of scheduling convenience--but there is no better time to reminisce about our opening than today, our real birthday.


We said in our newsletter that we started with just a broom, a roll of toilet paper, and a dream. That much is true.

Reality soon hit that dream smack in its head, and the scrambling began. We had to figure out who our vendors would be, call them, and get sales reps to our doors so we could buy things to fill the store.

It seems incredible, but just 5 years ago, companies did not show their lines of products on their websites. Today, we would be able to hit the Internet, figure out what we wanted, call the companies, and wait for the UPS delivery. (Well, it's not quite that simple, but you get the idea.)

Way back then--all of 5 years ago--we had to wait for reps to come to us with their samples so we could see what we wanted to buy. (By the way, we still prefer seeing reps to buying on the Internet today. As everyone knows, with fabric and yarn, it's better to see the colors and textures in person.)

We scrambled hard, and lots of things fell our way. Within a month, our store looked like the top picture. That was looking in from the front. From the back, we looked like this:

We had so much empty space that when the quilt guild asked us if we would like to have a quilt frame set up so that people could come in and quilt, we happily accommodated them to make the store look more full. It was pleasant having the quilters in there working. We still love that the best about our classes--the store is full of happy, busy people.

We kept going. By September of 2003, the store looked like this, and we celebrated with a Grand Opening:

Looking at the short transformation in these pictures, even we're amazed. But the best part is that we kept at it, and we're still here. And now look at us:

We admit it. We like having grown up.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to you. I have seen a lot of growth and transformation in the years that I have come to the shop.I look forward to the classes and seeing all the new things you have in the shop.

Yarnhog said...

That is truly awesome. Good for you! I often fantasize about owning a yarn shop (what knitter doesn't?), and I've even gone so far as to scope out vacancies. Reality check! The spot I wanted (not terribly large, not terribly nice) was $9000 a month. Yeah. So, how much yarn would that be, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Ladies!!! I can remember walking into the store that day and seeing Kim sitting there all alone. The store looks fabulous. Keep up the GREAT work.

mae mc quade said...

Congratulations, Gals, from the Chatelaine B&B at the far end of the village. You are part of the webpage, The Art of Our Lives on the PHH. Remember when we met here hoping to get into the Artists on 45 thing? I see your store front everytime Amy does my hair nextdoor, and am so glad the new overhang is done. It took the landlords long enough, and now, should help your business. (Sprucing up your sign would help too.) A guest asked about you last week, but it was after your closing hours. She could not find you, so a brighter sign might be on your wish-list. Will stop in the next time I see Amy. You Go, Girls!!! Mae