Sunday, July 13, 2008

Penguin Love

Cynthia writes:
Anyone who knows me knows that I like animals. I like 'em a lot; I love their spirits. That is probably why I am always wildly attracted to little stuffed, knitted animal patterns.

But it's odd: I usually don't want to knit the animals that much. Yes, when it comes to stuffed, knitted animals, I admit that I am a so-called "product knitter."

Which is why I had yarn for a penguin that had been ready to knit ever since yarn market, June 2007.


You should have seen me at market: I was embarrassing.

You see, we had just discovered the new Fiber Trends penguin pattern, and I was completely crazy over it. I had to make one. I made Kim run around with me all over the conference center, looking for the perfect yarns to make the penguin. I assured her that everyone else would also want to make one, and we could create kits.

Now, I am kind of picky about my stuffed animals. The beak color had to be just the right orange. The white had to be white enough--yet feltable--and the fur had to be fluffy--but of course not too fluffy. Kim was remarkably patient. (Although come to think of it, she did mention something about wanting to kill me; I ignored her idle threats.) We got everything I wanted. I was so, so excited.

And then the yarn and pattern sat in my office area at home.


Fast forward to July 2008.

Ever had those moments where you just get annoyed at something unfinished? And you just get it out and work on it and finish it, even though it wasn't in the game plan?

Me neither.

But this weekend, that's exactly what happened to me.

Oh, I had had big quilting plans for the weekend. Brother graduating in a few weeks, quilt not done, blah, blah, blah.

And then for the millionth time, I looked at that bag of yarn, and a strong feeling came over me: That feeling, my friends, was nothing less than a fierce determination to knit the penguin.

[Hey! I just read your mind. No, no, I was not procrastinating about making the binding on my brother's quilt. Stop thinking that. You are distracting me from the real story.]

Suddenly, and without any prior warning, I opened the bag and started knitting. I couldn't stop. Why, it was as if the penguin was knitting itself, and I was its mere instrument.

I knitted:

And knitted:

And within 2 easy days, I had a penguin:

(Note to curious techies: Despite the implications of the above photo, I use Windows Vista, not Linux.)

I put it in the wash to felt, and then I put it out on a baking rack so its back would dry evenly:

Which gave Kevin an idea:

(Settle down, settle down. He did not turn the oven on.)

I still have to stuff it and sew it closed, and perhaps add a couple of eyes--but from my point of view, this bird is done, baby. Put a fork in it.


lsloane said...

He looks fantastic!!! Does he have a name yet? Great job!

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to become a knitter. Maybe I will have to break down and take the first step:)

The Queen said...

Very cute!!!

Pat said...

So, I think you've finally found your niche (or is it knitche?) - knitting stuffed roadkill! That is hysterical. A roadkill squirrel is no big deal, but a roadkill penguin? Now that's a headline. I love the pix of the penguin in the oven, too. Good stuff.