Friday, August 22, 2008

Nature at the Shop

Here in Happy Valley, we all live among a great deal of incredible Nature.

On account of how our job is what you might call the inverse of "Forest Ranger," Kim and I spend most of our time indoors. But occasionally, on the way back and forth from our cars, we have do an encounter or two with the Nature that Surrounds Us.

This week, I have seen quite a bit. It started with a bird's nest that had apparently been finished with and dropped out of a tree:

Whoever made that one was quite an architect and builder.

I also saw this strong little ant carrying a dead moth on the sidewalk. As a yarn lover, I never much mind if I see a dead moth, even though I realize that moths are probably an important part of the Nature that Surrounds Us:

Go on, sweet little ant. Gather your provisions and get ready for winter!

And then today, this little guy came in with one of our customers who does animal rescue, looking for a home:

He's probably about 6 weeks old, no name yet (though when Kim tried out names, he clearly preferred "Max" to "Spats"). He needs a kind, loving home with plenty of Kitten Chow available. We have the information if you're interested.

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The Queen said...

Max is ADORABLE. It's too bad I already have a Max eating me out of house and home (the human kind), and a husband who is a allergic to the kitty kind.