Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Blue Sweater

I started a "Zimmermania" class this year. It is based all around the patterns of the greatest knitter of all time, Elizabeth Zimmermann. The first night, I asked everyone to rate which projects they wanted to do. To my surprise, one of the top three was a yoked sweater. I have to confess that this made me happy. I had been wanting to do one of those myself.

I have 25 people in the class. Think about the pressure of making sure that 25 people have a good sweater. Think of what would happen if the project turned into a train wreck. Think of 25 angry people all in one room, all of whom carry pointy sticks. I decided that I'd better hunker down and make the whole sweater first, to be sure it worked.

I was motivated.

So for the past month, I have been knitting on the Blue Sweater every day, and I have taken it with me everywhere I have gone. This included Disney. I worked on it on the way down to Florida. After we got there, I was grateful for every hour-long wait in line. Between those waits and my "Yarn Buddy" knitting pouch, I was able to work on that Blue Sweater a lot:

(Isn't it amazing that Security didn't haul me away with my threatening t-shirt? Do you see what I mean about angry knitters and their pointy sticks?)

I worked on the Blue Sweater as we drove home. And when we got home, I kept knitting. I had a week left to do the yoke.

Kevin was patient as I ignored him and everything around me. His quilter-mother operates exactly like this, and so he understands the culture of the insane project with a deadline.

I knitted and knitted. Finally, this morning, the morning of the class, the Blue Sweater was finished. And, I have to say, all that work was worth it:

I can't wait to share it with 25 people. I think we're going to have some good sweaters in that class.


Yarnhog said...

Wow! That is amazing! Although I want to go all fetal at the idea of getting 25 knitters of different abilities to duplicate that.

DKerr said...

That is absolutely stunning! Why ever knit another sweater?

Anonymous said...

looks like 25 knitters are going to be very very happy with you! Beautiful sweater! hmmmmmm, you know what would rock? A Saturday EZ yoke sweater class, just sayin ; )

pfordcj said...

OH, I love it!!!

Kim said...

That is one of THE most beautiful sweaters I have ever seen. All the time was well worth it. Where did you get that tee-shirt?? It is so cute.

The Queen said...

BEAUTIFUL. With all capital letters, just like that.

Anonymous said...


kittygeorge said...

Turned out beautiful! Looks great. Good job.