Monday, June 08, 2009

Sewing at Last

The weekend was gorgeous and sunny, which finally gave me an opportunity to stay inside and get some sewing done.

Correct: I am not the outdoorsy type.

I started out with the fastest, easiest project: An Amy Butler apron, which I am doing this summer as a class. This apron is very, very cute. Here I am, with pale skin, posing with it, looking all 1950ish:

Check out the close up of what's in my bowl:

You say you don't see anything?

I must not cook much, either.

After the apron was finished, I decided to make a shirt for Kevin. He picked out this fabric about 7 year ago, and I promised him I would make him a shirt out of it for when he plays in his band. I decided the other day that it was truly nagging at me, and it was time for him to get this shirt.

He was not super-enthusiastic about posing, but here is the shirt. Can you tell he plays guitar?

You might be able to see him in it either at People's Choice on July 11 at 12:30, or at the Lemont Village Green the evening of July 17. I don't know if he'd wear it twice in a row within a week. That depends on how much he loves me.

And then I started to tackle the big project. This is a quilt-as-you-go project. I have one block finished, which isn't much--but hey, at least it's quilted already.

This is my "mystery project" in the newsletter. Keep encouraging me to work on it. I have to teach it in a few months; but at least I can stay inside all summer and sew.

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Monika said...

Hehe, you are like me, when it gets hot I stay inside as much as possible. Lovely sewing. I like the shirt.