Thursday, July 09, 2009

Buy me Some Peanuts and Crackerjack and a Funnel Cake and a Cheesesteak and Chocolate Fondue and Maybe Some Dipping Dots if I'm Still Hungry

Tonight was a perfect night for a ballgame--dry, cool, and comfortable.

Our Stitch Your Art Out group had a great time.

The quilting and knitting guilds had tables set up:

Kim and I posed with Ike the Spike, and Ike made us pretend we were on CSI:

The players blew bubbles:

But they also played really hard and won the game!

And then it was over....

maybe until next year?


Yarnhog said...

That looks like a blast!

And now I want a funnel cake.

JVC_Scout_Mom said...

I'm going to show my age here ..that's CSI? Reminds me of Charlie's Angels ... could be that I'm remembering Farrah (RIP).

It was a great game! Thanks for organizing the outing.

Cindy in Happy Valley said...

Didn't get the CSI connection until I looked at the other groups in attendance more closely.

I'm not sure "Ike" should be "handling a gun" - him being a buck [in Central PA] and all. Seems a little contrary, no?