Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Gnome-Like = Ganomy

I admit that this wasn't my idea at all. Kirsten was my inspiration. She wore this hat to work, and in the middle of winter, a fun hat is the only way to go. So I decided to make the Ganomy hat, and when I told people what I was doing, they all corrected me: "Don't you mean gnomy?"

Nope. I mean Ganomy. This is a hat designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann. She had that kind of humor. And she had kids. Kids think this stuff is hysterically funny.

I'm sure you know a story just like this: When we were kids, my brothers and I thought that the town "Newberry" was the funniest thing ever. Whenever we would drive through, the backseat of my parents' car erupted in hysterical giggles: "Newberry! Blueberry!"

Yes, my friends, "ganomy" is the funniest word ever.

So anyway, here I am, in our waterlogged garden, our beans as thick as kudzo, looking all ganomy-like:

You're supposed to put a ping-pong ball in the tip of the hat (so the hat can float in an emergency), or else ball up scrap yarn. I found that for me, little bits of scrap yarn worked well.

I love this hat. It's made from two yarns, Brown Sheep's new Shepherd's Shades, and Ester Bitran's Talinay, alternating stripes of about 6 or 8 rows each (I forget exactly, but if you really care, you're not fully in the EZ cult).

The Talinay striped for me, except on the top stripe. No guarantees on what yours would do. The patterns is from that little gem of a book, Knitter's Almanac. (Yes, Zimmermania class, it is our next project.)

What words did you think were funny when you were a kid?

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