Thursday, May 05, 2011

Crochet Come Lately

Kim has tried to convince me for years that crochet is "relaxing," "fun," and "logical," but I never took to it. Oh, I've made a couple of crocheted sweaters, and a few dishrags, but that was about it.

Until now. I think I'm hooked.

It started last week when I wanted to play with a yarn. It is Skacel's Shari, a yarn that has a strand of silver shine running through it. Who could resist such a thing? I wanted to knit it into an open, lace pattern, but nothing worked. I didn't feel like garter stitch, which is where this baby was going.

Then I realized that maybe the yarn would work in crochet. It did.


Oh, for fun, let's let the camera do something that our eyes would never bother with--go in even closer:


Anyway, as you can tell by the fact that I have several "artistic" views but no pictures of myself modeling the scarf, I'm planning to make it at my leisure, just for fun, and without deadline--so when you stop by the shop, there's a good chance I'll be working on it--or at least that it will be nearby and you can see it. I'm really enjoying this project.

And my new-found love of crochet? It's actually all due to this little baby:

This is one of our new Tulip crochet hooks. Our crochet teachers swear that they help new crocheters learn faster and better. One of our knitting teachers started using them, and now she wants to teach only crochet classes. Another knitting teacher has dropped all her knitting and begun using it to crochet a series of Angry Birds characters. Misty, one of our crochet teachers, even went so far as to write a major hook comparison on her blog: The Tulip came out ahead. And I've never seen her use another hook since.

All because of this hook, I've started looking through crochet books to mull over my next project. Feel free to join me in my new obsession, and shout out ideas for projects. Kim, I have to admit that you were right all along.

I hate when that happens.


La MaƱosa said...

Cynthia, your scarf is looking fabulous! That really is the perfect yarn for a crochet scarf.

So now I am curious, who is the knitting teacher who has converted to crochet? I am going to guess Chris. :)

Cynthia said...

Good guess, but no! It's KIRSTEN!

And thank you about the scarf. As of tonight, I'm more than halfway!