Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just looking at this picture makes us laugh.

We found the Sun Magic the other day when we were cleaning. Here is its story.

Flashback to July 2003. We had just started the shop the month before. We were in trauma. We had spent the past few weeks buying merchandise as fast as we could to fill the shop.

One day, Kim was out running errands, and Cynthia was left alone. An odd-looking man came into the shop, and he started talking fast--real fast--about his wonderful cleaner that could clean almost anything. He walked over to a wall, and drew on it with what must have been a special crayon. One of our customers, a particularly tidy person, gasped in horror.

But not to worry! "Sun Magic" would take care of that awful mark! The man got out a cloth, dipped it in the Sun Magic--and like magic, the mark was gone! It was hard to believe how effective this product was!

The man said that Sun Magic was $15 a jar, but if we got two, it would be only $20. Cynthia, somehow confusing this man with a knitting/quilting store supplier--even though two jars of this product would clearly never sell, and he was clearly not a supplier of any type--wrote out a business check for $20. Two jars of Sun Magic were ours. The man ran away, never to be seen again.

Kim came back. After seeing the jars of Sun Magic and hearing what had happened, she burst into laughter.

No, friends, it was not the type of laughter where you laugh with the person; but rather, it was the type where you laugh at the person.

She explained to Cynthia that we do not want to buy this sort of product, and that sometimes there is a steak guy who comes by too, and we most definitely do not want steaks either.

We used the Sun Magic to clean for a while, but really--you guessed it--it did not work. And so the Sun Magic was relegated to a back corner, only to emerge this week when we were clearing out some clutter. It is now in the Great Sun Magic Graveyard in the Sky, and only this picture remains as a fond memory of our early days in retail.

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