Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We now have a cash register.

It is not yet in the store. We are not really sure if it will ever be in the store. "Kevin of Cynthia" found it at Penn State Salvage for $25. (Cynthia and Kim both have Kevins. They are both tormenters, each in their own way, giving us strangely parallel lives. We usually call them "Kevin of Cynthia" and "Kevin of Kim" to distinguish them. Grouped together, they are "The Kevins.") It is a very good cash register and would cost about $400-500 new. It even works. Because she knew it was an inexpensive way to test whether a cash register would be useful, Cynthia approved the purchase.

There is only one problem. We have no place to put it. Oh, and one other problem. The tape reads "Penn State Bookstore" at the top. We are not the Penn State Bookstore. And maybe one more problem. We have no idea how to use it, and it has lots and lots of buttons (all marked with bookstore categories).

Kevin of Cynthia assures us that we can solve all of these problems. We shall see.

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