Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Crossing the Olympic Finish Line!

Remember the Knitting Olympics? My plan was to knit this sweater in that 2 1/2 weeks. That didn't quite happen... but my Knitting Olympics sweater is finished, as of yesterday. I'm glad we have a little cool weather left so I can wear it this season, because I love this sweater! It's made from Mountain Colors Twizzle, which is a Merino wool, with subtle variations in color. This sweater is a comfortable classic that I will wear for many years.

The glaze you see in my eyes comes not from the exhaustion of finishing (nah--I don't work myself to exhaustion to finish anything), but from the waking up earlier with Daylight Savings Time.

Neither Kim nor I are morning people, and we have been embarrassed with almost every customer who has come in this week. We seem unable to do the simplest tasks, like adding numbers (that is a problem for each sale), or finishing sentences. Instructions swim on the pages for all but the simplest of patterns.

Bear with us for a little while until we adjust.

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