Sunday, April 09, 2006

We were at the Lancaster, PA, quilt show last Thursday while Cynthia's mother graciously watched the shop. We saw many spectacular quilts. We can't possibly show them all to you, but in case you couldn't get to the show, we'll give you a glimpse. If you were at the show, these will give you memories--or maybe you'll see something you didn't remember seeing there.

Today's blog will feature breathtakingly artistic quilts that portray people, juxtaposed with impossibly cute animals. We'll show you some geometrics and nature quilts next time.

Let's start with quilts depicting people.... Remember, these are quilts, not paintings. Everything you see is made from little tiny pieces of fabric, the shading coming from light and dark choices of fabric, with some details coming from the threadwork:

Female figure:

Figure II:

And now let's have a complete change of pace!

Roll in the impossibly cute animals! Here is a detail of bunnies, made from threadwork:

An animal quilt....

A close up of a critter from that quilt:

Turtle action:


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