Saturday, May 06, 2006

We went to Yarn Mecca (the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival) on Saturday with all the other yarn worshipers, who are shown arriving below. (Someone in our guild talked to a woman who flew here from Europe just to go to this festival.) If you're on a bus with the Centre County Knitting Guild, as we were, you drive right past all those cars, into your own lot, right up front. Easy.

And then when you get in, you see yarn. Lots of yarn.

When we got home, we realized that we did not take any pictures of the hundreds of booths. Apparently, we were photographically distracted by the alpacas....


And little baby goats....We also enjoyed the exhibit of fair entries. This year we saw not only knitting, but also a quite a bit of wet felting:

....combined with freeform crochet (note Fair Isle sweater in the left background):

We bought a little bit of yarn. We love yarn. We're getting yarn from a hand-dyed company, Ellyn Cooper, this summer. We couldn't resist buying just a couple of skeins to play with before the rest gets here. Get ready for some stunning new yarn this summer:

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The_Add_Knitter said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun, I am disappointed to have missed it!!