Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mystery quilts are fun: We give you the yardages for the lights and darks you need, and we give you a new set of instructions once a week (or once a month, for a bigger mystery). You take it from there and put it together.

The instructions are always written in a way that you can't tell what the pieces are going to look like until the very last step. It's fun to guess along the way!

This past year, we did a mystery quilt that was bedsized. It was gorgeous. Here are pictures from just a few of the completed quilts.




And Cynthia's:


Cynthia has a little sewing to do yet. (Every once in a while, feel free to ask her how her mystery is coming along.)

Intrigued? Sign up for our smaller-scale Mystery Christmas Table Runner, coming this fall. Our new newsletter will be in your mail in just a few days! Call to reserve your place!

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