Thursday, August 31, 2006

Welcome to fall, everyone! We know that we'll still have a few hot days coming up, but for some reason, we always get a cool spell at this time of the year to mark the season.

School has started, Penn State is playing football again, it's Labor Day weekend, and we're ready for you! Our newsletter has come out. If you haven't gotten one by now, please let us know and we'll send one right out. Our website shows our classes in brief, but the newsletter will give you all the nice, juicy descriptions.

We always visualize that when people get it, they sit down, prop their feet up, get a comforting drink, and read about all the possibilities.

We're so excited about fall. We have a lot of great events--UFO amnesty day, calendar clubs, mystery tablerunner, and the list goes on.

Please join us. We can't wait to see you!

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Anonymous said...

I read this blog entry after I received my newsletter and I had to laugh... I waited 'til everyone was gone, poured a cup of coffee, settled in the recliner and slooowwwlly enjoyed reading my newsletter! Can't wait to sign up for a class. Thanks for a lovely afternoon!