Sunday, September 10, 2006

As we write this, we're at the Quilt Extravaganza in Harrisburg, PA, as vendors. This show is wonderful. It used to be in Fort Washington, but it was moved here this year. We love the location, we admit. So far, it's our favorite quilt show ever. The show has several groupings of exhibits--an international area...

Here's one from Japan:

and Australia:

(That one is so much better in person. The textures were unspeakably beautiful.) Altzheimer's area (sorry, no pictures allowed), several places for the different categories of Hoffman 2006 challenge winners (dolls here):

....and several other groupings of artists:

The classes were great (Kim got to take two while Cynthia watched the booth and Kirsten, Amy, and Hildegard watched the store):

(isn't her beginning of a quilt beautiful? This is from Robbi Joy Eklow's class).

....and we were busy in our booth, which had started out like this:

and ended up like this:

And so we have been enjoying ourselves.

We had one thing happen back at the hotel that we just had to take a photo of. We had called the front desk of our hotel and told them that the maid had forgotten towels. They delivered some to us. Guess how many there were when we arrived back at the room:

1. 3 bath towels, 3 hand towels, 3 washcloths.
2. 6 bath towels, 6 hand towels, 6 washcloths.
3. 9 bath towels, 9 hand towels, 9 washcloths.
4. 12 bath towels, 12 hand towels, 12 washcloths.

The winner, selected at random from the pool of correct guesses, gets a $20 gift certificate toward any class at our store. Start guessing. You've got until September 23 at 5:30. Send your guesses to stitchyourartout AT

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