Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fall is in full swing. We are busy helping people teaching lots of classes. In the fall, we have a lot of new people in town, so we get lots of phone calls asking us where our store is and how to get there. We start seeing people that we haven't seen over the summer. People are ready to come indoors now, and start projects.

We ourselves, along with all this delightful hubub, are getting ready for going to Stitches East. We are going to be vendors there from November 2-5. (In answer to the ever-present question, the store stays open, thanks to Amy and Kirsten and Mom. We never close.)

We've done Stitches twice before. Each time we do it, we learn a little more and we grow a bit. This year, we have a double booth. Instead of renting a truck, Cynthia has invested in a trailer hitch for her CR-V, and Deb and Kyle are loaning us their 8-foot trailer. (At least we hope it's 8 feet--that's the height of our new gridwall fixtures.)

We have had several planning meetings, with another one coming up this week. So keep reading. As time goes on, we're sure we'll tell you what we're doing, and what Stitches was like. We're a little nervous, in a way. The crowds are record-breaking this year. If you're in Baltimore in early November, stop by to see the party!

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The_Add_Knitter said...

I'm hoping to make it to Stitches East and I'll def. be checking you guys out!!!