Friday, October 13, 2006

Cynthia writes:

We got in a new gizmo today: Yarn Buddies.

Yarn Buddies are beautiful. They're trimmed with Dupioni silk and the colors are rich. You get a choice of teal and purple. (Or both?) The barrel is clear so you can see your project and bask in the yarn.

You can clip your Yarn Buddy onto your belt loop, and it allows you to take your knitting or crocheting with you wherever you go.Which is important to me right now. I am on serious deadline. Stitches East is coming up in just over two weeks, and I have two sweaters to finish. They are both getting very close, but I still have three sleeves to knit before they are both finished. (Oh, and I have the pattern to write up for one of them, and probably sewing the pieces together will be useful too.) I really should finish a shawl, which is not even close to done.

So I'm feeling a bit stressed right now. Unlike the mythology about owning a yarn store and getting to knit all day, I rarely have time to knit at work. And I'm kind of a slow knitter. And I don't push my body to knit when it hurts. (I am a great believer in that old adage, "No pain, no pain.")

So I am going to carry my Yarn Buddy with me wherever I go. A little here, a little there, and I hope all those sleeves will get done.

The shawl? Well....
I figure that if I hang it up with the needles still in it, every knitter who walks by our booth will understand. (Pattern: The Leaf Lace Shawl by Fibertrends. Fiber: Ultra Alpaca by Berroco.)

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