Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We're making progress with Stitches. We are almost finished making signs for the booth. We've been knitting a lot of samples, and lots of them are done, so while Amy watched the store, we had quite an exciting day yesterday, with a trip to the laundrymat to felt:

And then today, Kyle hooked Cynthia's car to Deb and Kyle's trailer:
When she got home, her Kevin helped attach the electrical system. It was a great relief to know that cars behind would be able to see turn signals, brakes, and lights.

Now that we have the use of a trailer, we can load it slowly over the week, and unload it a little more slowly too. At other shows, when we rented a truck, we had to load it and unload it in a single day. It will be nice to have time to think a little more about what we're doing!

Now it's time to go back to knitting. There's a shawl to finish. Two sleeves of a sweater. Several patterns to finish writing. Several signs to finish. A brochure to write. A hedgehog to felt. And our fashion-show garment isn't... well, it isn't started yet. We keep telling ourselves that it's a quick knit and that we have until Friday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping to meet you at Stitches.

Jane in PA
The Soxy Lady (yarn shop)