Sunday, October 22, 2006

We're not panicking quite yet.

We're trying to get ready for Stitches East. As you know if you have been reading our blog and listening to us in person, it is a huge knitting show in Baltimore. It's in a week and a half. We have many things ready to go, but much remains undone.

Both of us are knitting like fiends. We are still both feeling behind. (Knitting is not always relaxing.) Our packing list continues to grow. Just this morning we realized that we should take our felted oven mitt sample and the corresponding books. We wonder: what other obvious things will we forget?

We need to make signs for the booth. We at have the fabric and the ideas for how to put the signs together. Ideas are easy!

We have a trailer hitch on Cynthia's car, but we have not yet had time to test the thing to be sure that it fits Deb and Kyle's trailer. We are both clueless about how to hook it up. And we are not completely sure that it is long enough to fit our grid system. Both are 8 feet. We are hoping that the actual measurement of the grid is 7'11" or that that trailer is 8'1".

And one more little question: How do you drive a car with a trailer?


Anonymous said...

It will be OK. :)

amanda cathleen said...

Have fun and when driving a car with a trailer, take corners wide ; )
if anyone can do it, its you two!