Monday, August 13, 2007

Hey look! Some boxes just arrived! Let's see what's in them!

Now, their square shape does give us a clue--they are yarn, not fabric. (Fabric comes in long, skinny boxes.) Well, this makes sense. We need yarn. It is almost fall (the weekend is supposed to get cool), and that means that more knitters break out their needles.

We in turn have broken open the boxes, so read on for a little tour of what's inside.

First, here's what we've been waiting for for 2 years--a gorgeous mohair. We're very picky about mohair, and we didn't see any last year that knocked our socks off. (More about socks soon.) Mohair must be soft. Really, really soft. This year, we finally found one that's good enough: Joseph Galler, a small, family-owned company, has come through for us. More than one person has gasped when touching it for the first time:

Along with the mohair, we got some 100-percent alpaca from Galler in undyed colors. Is it possible that it's even softer than the mohair? You decide:

For those of you who like alternatives to wool, we have a wonderful cotton-silk from Misti Alpaca:

And a huge new range of colors of our favorite cotton yarn, Tahki Cotton Classic:

Or is it our favorite? Ack! We can't decide! See, we also got some incredible organic cotton in its 3 undyed colors, green, cream, and tan:

Onward to the feet. We have a lot of new sock yarns. This is a new cotton self-striping yarn from Skacel:

And a beautiful, soft version of Trekking. It has bamboo for extra absorption!

Need a shot of color under your jeans? Then go for the new Sockittome from Cherry Tree Hill. It's a merino with nylon--soft but strong! Each skein is different:

Oh sure, there's more new yarn (and lots more coming), but now it's your turn to come in and see it.

And finally, we're slowly getting new shelving to house all this yarn. We plan to pick up a little more every time we're at an Ikea. It shows off the textures and colors of yarn:

Don't tell the Kevins, but we love you, Billy!

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