Thursday, August 30, 2007

We have been busy. Very busy. We have been putting together beautiful new shelving for the yarn area. At the risk of embarrassing ourselves with such a direct comparison (but we're kind of used to embarrassing ourselves--hey, it's just our way of making you feel at ease), let us show you the unretouched photos from the same place in the store


... and AFTER
We are thrilled! And relieved. We feel as if our shop has finally grown up.

Come on in and see our new yarn shelving in person. Better yet, when you get there, take a look at all the new yarns on it! Our fall shipments have been coming in at full force, and we have many new, exciting yarns for you!

P. S. We've also been working on the newsletter. It is at the printer, so look for it in the mail soon!

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