Monday, December 22, 2008

As My Sewing Progresses Very, Very Well, Right up onto Christmas

Kim often accuses me of being too optimistic. According to her, even when things are going wrong, I see us as having enough room for all the inventory, enough money for all the bills, enough time to accomplish everything on the list.

Most of the time, things go well for me in the end, although I do admit that my sunny disposition occasionally has a few conflicts with actual ... uh.... searching here for just the right word... oh, okay, let's just call it.... say.... "reality."

But Kim always comes up with solutions for my schemes, or sometimes I even think of my own solutions, and all is well.

Today Kim is home on vacation. I am in the store, working on a bedspread for my brother. I started it a year ago. It was a 6-step mystery. We were supposed to start it in January, do a step each month, and it would be finished by June. I figured that even if I ran a little behind, I'd give him the top for Christmas, then have it quilted later.

I ran a little behind.

But I had done a great job organizing it this summer, putting each step of instructions into its own labeled, zip-lock bag.

I admit right now that I'm still feeling just a bit behind on the bedspread. I even admit to a flicker of concern. As you can see, although it is indeed organized, it really doesn't look very big yet, or very bedspread-like.

I do have steps 1 and 2 finished, am about a quarter of the way through step 3 (well, let's call it a third of the way through; that's more accurate), and then I will just have to finish up with steps 4, 5, and 6. By Thursday.

Kim, on account of being home, has not come up with a solution for me.

But I still have a few days. I am positive that I will have enough time.

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Anonymous said... I don't feel so bad when I haven't been able to complete my couple of tablerunners due to being laid up. I am sure you will find a way to get it done. Happy Holidays!