Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today is a New Day

I'm feeling so much better today than yesterday.

Maybe you think that my brother's quilt is done? Not so. It is no further than the pictures you saw. I knew even as I was writing about it that there was no way to finish it within schedule. And there was also no way to finish up the Christmas cards.

But I'm done and ready.

I give Kevin the credit for my peace of mind. He said (and I may be misquoting, but this is the gist), "Give him the quilt next year."

I said, "Hey! That's a good idea! I can just box up the pieces! That will amuse him!" (Yes indeed, I was in a full exclamation-mark state of mind.)

Kevin said, "No. Don't do that. Just let it go."

You know how you get a whack on the side of the head sometimes when you need it? That was mine for the week.

And so I let it all go. I know this: My brother will still love me. (Besides, he's already gotten a quilt this year.) My friends will get their cards later, and they will have more time to read them then. (I love to write Christmas newsletters that are ..... well, they're .... extremely long.) It all works.

I no longer have even a flicker of concern. And with letting go, it turns out that I was completely correct yesterday about having enough time. Thus, I say, as a free person:

Have a happy holiday, everyone!

And if you're not done with something and it's causing you undue stress and making the people around you miserable? You have my permission to let it go and be healthier.

Remember, this is supposed to be fun.

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