Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 in 1

I'm not quite sure where I got my idea, other than wanting to do a block of the month lap quilt that we could all finish before Christmas. That meant, if I wanted to do 12 blocks, that we had to do 3 blocks a month. Not just any 3 blocks a month, but 3 blocks a month during a busy time of the year.

I fiddled around with designs, and slowly one took shape. What if we did something that took about the same amount of time as making one block? The secret to that would be in easy cutting and mass-production sewing. That means that you need all the same block. Three of the same block is a bit dull, so to change it up, I figured that at least the fabrics should be different.

We had 4 months. That meant 3 blocks per month. So therefore, we would cut 3 blocks' worth of layers at the same time. I figured that we could layer different colors, and therefore come up with different blocks--in this case, 3 colors for 3 blocks. As long as you have a sharp rotary blade, cutting 6 layers of fabric is no big deal.

I wrote up the instructions, and then began cutting and sewing. I decided to do not only a Christmas one, but a bright one as well. I'm happy with both of them so far! Cutting out each one took no more than 15 minutes, and sewing all 6 blocks took a little longer than 2 hours. As I sewed, I wasn't quite sure what I would get, so part of the fun was in the mystery.

So far, here's what I have for the Christmas one:

And the bright one:

(You'll only like it if you like pink!)

There is still time to join in, given how fast this quilt makes up. Kim and I can fix you up with the instructions and fabrics.

Stop by anytime, and we'll help you choose your fabrics!

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La MaƱosa said...

They look great, Cynthia! Love the colors and fabrics you chose.